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Ways to Donate

  • Donation accepted by check / money order / credit card.
  • Donate periodically -monthly, quarterly, annually by check / money order / credit card or through your Bank by ACH. For ACH account form click here.
  • You may also donate Zakat and Sadaqa.
  • Donate through Feeling Blessed.
  • Donate your Day! Create a fundraiser for SIUTNA on your birthday.
  • Shop at Amazon Smile and select “SIUT North America” as your favorite charity and we will receive 0.5% of your purchase as a donation from Amazon at no additional cost to you!
  • Donate through a life Insurance or Charity Trust, Please ask the accountant for details.
  • Make SIUT part of beneficiaries of your life insurance policy or Estate. Please ask the accountant for the details.
  • Support specific programs e.g. dialysis for one patient for one month, six months, one hospital bed, etc. Please ask us for details.
  • Donate in memory of your loved one. A bed or other facility can be designated in memory of your loved one.
  • Employer Matching Program: More than 1,000 companies and corporate foundations in the U.S. currently match the donation an employee makes to a charitable organization. Please contact your place of employment and see if they participate in this program.

Become an Organ donor. For more information, please reach out to us.