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Inauguration of SIUT Suleman Dawood Transplant Center

This state-of-the-art Transplant Center – the latest addition to SIUT in Karachi – was inaugurated on 14th December 2016.

The Center is designed to meet futuristic challenges of Transplant Sciences. The 14-story, 100 bedded and 250,000 sq ft facility will have integrated facilities like Transplant wards, ICUs, pre transplant unit, donor ward, outpatient clinics, radiology, operation theatre, and laboratory and rehabilitation center to manage all transplant patients under one roof.

The Center will operate under the established unique SIUT philosophy that healthcare is a birthright of every citizen and the citizen should enjoy access to medical care, free with dignity and honor. The philosophy advocates that health facilities should be extended without any discrimination of cast, color, creed or faith.

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