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  • SIUT holds memorial meeting to honor Late Dr Ahmed Sayeed. Rich tributes were showered

SIUT holds memorial meeting to honor Late Dr Ahmed Sayeed. Rich tributes were showered

Karachi February: Glowing tributes were paid to Dr Ahmed Sayeed, an outstanding Pathologist of Houston, Texas, at a memorial meeting organized by SIUT in Karachi on February 22nd. Late Dr Ahmed Sayeed, one of the founding members and co-President of SIUT North America, passed away recently.

Speaking on the occasion Professor Adib Rizvi, Director SIUT, showered rich tributes to his close friend and recalled his long association with him. He described him as one of ” the finest human beings”. Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi said he met Dr Sayeed at Dow Medical College through common friends and over the years his friendship blossomed into a life long friendship.

Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi disclosed that he and Dr Sayeed both went to England for postgraduate training and struggled over there as they both had to study and earn for financial financial stability. Dr Sayeed obtained fellowships in Pathology both from England and the US and established himself as a renowned Pathologist with specialization in Histopathology.

Professor Adib Rizvi said his friend was a soft spoken, kind and a very generous person whose doors were always open to everyone who was in need.

Besides being a remarkable professional human qualities, Dr Sayeed had a good taste of Urdu literature and finer things in life, Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi added.

Director SIUT also recounted Dr Sayeed’s efforts in establishing SIUT North America and said the SIUT will remain indebted to his valuable services.

Dr Rajalingham Sinniah, another internationally acclaimed Pathologist from West University of Australia, delivered a scientific lecture and complimented late Dr Sayeed in strengthening SIUT Pakistan in the best possible manner.

Brief video clips of some of Dr Sayeed close friends were also screened on the occasion. The participants included Dr S.R.A.Kermani, Dr Ghazala Ansari, Dr Ali Jumshyd, Dr Qadir Hashmi and Dr Suraiya Rasheed. Dr Fatima Sayeed, the wife of late Dr Ahmed Sayeed, and currently the President of SIUTNA, who flew from Houston to attend the meeting was also present.

The memorial meeting was largely attended by members of pathologists from Karachi city and staff members of SIUT.

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