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Associate Directors

Dr. Nasir Rashid

Dr. Nasir Rashid is a 1993 graduate of SMC/JSUMANA in Karachi. He moved to USA in 2002, currently resides in Maryland, and is a practicing neonatologist. His wife is also a practicing physician. They have three brilliant children. Dr. Rashid is passionate about SIUT. He first met Dr. Adib Rizvi in 1994. He remembers SIUT, from his college days, as a beacon of exceptional patient care, serving patients all over Pakistan. SIUT is the Institute where the first Renal Transplant was done in Pakistan. During his recent visit to Pakistan, Dr. Rashid also learnt that his favorite medical college teacher was the third cadaver Renal donor.


Rizwan Mumtaz

Mr. Rizwan Mumtaz is in the engineering, construction, and management business with four decades of experience, has M.S. from Kansas State, and a bachelors from NED University in Karachi. He started his career with NESPAK, and later moved to Middle East where he managed iconic mega projects for over two decades. He has been working in the US since 2015 as a Vice President in AI Engineers, and holds CCM and ENV SP Certifications. He has been a SIUTNA Chapter Representative for over five years and was a founding member of Institution of Engineers Pakistan Chapter in Bahrain, GCC Representative of Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan and founding chairman of Bahrain’s Urdu Literary Society.