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Board of Advisors

Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi
Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi is a Chartered Accountant who has recently served as the 26th Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). He served as a provincial Minister in the Sindh Government during 2013 caretaker set up. Before assuming the office of FBR he worked with A.F. Fergusons & Co, a member firm of PWC since 1969. Also served as the President of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan  2005-2006. He is a regular participant in Pakistani media as an expert on taxation and fiscal issues. Also authored a number of books on national economy.
Munir A. Malik
Munir. A. Malik is an eminent lawyer of Pakistan, and one who is held in high esteem in the legal fraternity of the country. He served as the 30th Attorney General of Pakistan and the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Also played a leading role in country’s lawyer movement for the reinstatement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. With many important legal battles to his credit, he heads MCA Law Associates, a law firm in Karachi.
Professor Justice Shahzado Shaikh
Justice Shaikh, Islamic Counsellor of ISGH, has served as Judge of Federal Shariat Court, Federal Secretary, Senior Advisor Federal Ombudsman, and Additional Auditor General of Pakistan. He is M. Sc. Defense & Strategic Studies, and Chemistry, and LLB, with trainings in UK, USA, and Australia. Shaikh was on faculty of Rawalpindi Law College and University of Houston Law Center. He is author of many books. He has been Speaker at international universities and forums and also represented Pakistan at Senior Executive Board meetings of UNO. South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement of SAARC was concluded under his chairmanship. Justice Shaikh was with Sind Government and was involved with SIUT at its inception, when Dr Rizvi converted the urology ward into the Institute.