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Sughra Rababi Painting

SIUT North America is honored to showcase the beautiful artwork of the late great Sughra Rababi. A multifaceted painter, designer and sculptor, Sughra Rababi’s work is characterized by versatility. She was prolific and created landscapes, figurative and calligraphic paintings. Sughra Rababi was the first woman to win the prestigious All India Painting Competition Award, in which leading contemporary artists like Tagore, Bose and Chughtai had participated. During her life, Rababi donated most of the proceeds from the sales of her art to support humanitarian causes. We are fortunate to have been chosen by her estate to receive access to hi-resolution digital reproductions of her artwork and are excited to share them with you. Please review them below. Minimum donation prices are listed next to each listing which include frame and shipping. Kindly email us at siutna8@gmail.com if interested. Prices are valid for USA only. Thank you.

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