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SIUT-NA show cased and on display at The FVAMC Muslim Center in Connecticut

The Farmington Valley Muslim American Muslim Center (FVAMC) was incorporated by a group of Muslims in Connecticut with a vision and mission to be recognized for worship of God, interfaith understanding and dialogue, service to community and country, and as a secure, nurturing venue where our community can congregate. Our mission is to foster generations of Muslims who are proud of their American identity and Islamic heritage through service to God and community. FVAMC objectives are to create a venue for Muslims in the Farmington Valley to receive Islamic education and fulfill their religious and spiritual obligations, promote understanding of Islam and other religious traditions through interfaith dialogue, and serve the community at large through outreach and partnerships.

During the month of Ramazan weekly Iftars are arranged which is attended by over 500 hundred Muslims and Pakistanis living in Connecticut.

Rizwan Mumtaz, SIUT-NA Representative for the tri-states area is also a member of this Center. On his request the Board of FVAMC approved the installation of SIUT-NA banner at their premises and distribution of SIUT-NA pamphlets during  Ramazan.

We are grateful to the FVAMC Board of Management, for their understanding and help in making us spread the colossal and iconic task being done by SIUT in Pakistan under the legendary pursuits of Dr. Adeeb Rizvi, stated Mr. Mumtaz

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