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SIUT Participates in APPNA 42nd Summer Convention in Orlando

SIUT Pakistan’s team of Experts, comprising the following, participated in the APPNA Conference in Orlando:

  1. Dr. Altaf Hashmi- Professor of Urology
  2. Dr. Bux Ali- Professor of Urology
  3. Dr. Rehan Mohsin- Professor of Urology
  4. Dr. Ali Lanewalla- Professor of Pediatric Nephrology

SIUT-NA was represented by Mr. Rizwan Mumtaz – Board Representative in Tri States and MA areas.

SIUT Booth was set up in the Conference and around $ 6000 were collected. Also, pledge was received for donation of a dialysis machine for SIUT Pakistan

SIUT acknowledges the support of the following APPNA members in setting up of the SIUT booth and making our presence fruitful in Orlando:

Dr. Arshad Zaidi, Dr Khawaja Mujeeb. Ur Rehman, Dr Khawaja Hussain Abbas, Dr Zafar Hameed, Dr Tahir Mehmood and Dr Khalil Khatri 

Established in 2000, SIUT North America, a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3), is dedicated to health-related humanitarian causes, with our major focus on helping Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) Pakistan secure necessary funds for medicines, treatments and equipment so that patients are treated free of charge and without discrimination.

SIUT carries free over a thousand dialysis daily and over 500 liver and kidney transplants every year. Around 1300 patients are treated daily without any charges in OPD. According to Dr. Adib Rizvi, the founder of SIUT and a living legend, “Poverty should not limit one’s right to live”.

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