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SIUT Inaugurates Bashir Dawood Operation & Transplant Complex

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) has inaugurated its state-of-the-art Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theater Complex. The Operating Theater is equipped to carry out up to four transplant surgeries simultaneously.

This facility is in coordination with SIUT’s Suleman Dawood Transplant Center.

The Transplant Theater Complex includes a large recovery section and a 10-bed intensive care unit.

“The addition of the Theater Complex will permit transplant surgeries of kidney, liver, pancreas and small intestines,” said Dr Adib Rizvi.

He said the SIUT had been lucky that is has earned extensive support from the philanthropic segment of the society, who have posed confidence in the Institution and donated funds and equipment generously.

Apart from Dr.Rizvi, Vice Chairperson, Zubeida Mustafa also spoke at the event. She thanked the efforts of Dr. Rizvi and the donors for making the institute successful. Many other health experts were also present at the opening ceremony.

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