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SIUT North America continues to participate in community events

The Tri-state (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut) chapter representatives of SIUT North America participated in another community event in New Jersey. The event was organized by the NED Alumni of Tri-states.

The SIUT pamphlets were distributed and also participants were requested to fill the Registration Cards for entry into the SIUT North America data base.

Our participation was well received in the events and SIUT’s major activities were highlighted and communicated to the audiences as follows:

  • 2.2 Million patients were treated last year
  • 346 Kidney Transplants were performed
  • 900 Dialysis are carried out daily in consecutive 24/7 operations
  • SIUT is the largest facility for pediatrics urology  in Pakistan and it is one of the busiest medical facilities in the country.


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